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Bdeals Otoscope ENT Diagnostic Set With Beautiful Box Good Quality

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Supreme Quality Brand New Professional Diagnostic Otoscope Kit with Otoscope Set with handle, otoscope head and 3 reusable specula and Protective Zippered case! The Otoscope is a medical device used by professionals to examine ears by looking into them for illnesses, this Otoscope makes it easier to check the middle and outer ear when symptoms occur. Only the finest materials are used to assure you of a timeless instrument designed for optimum performance. The handle uses cell powered 2 batteries (not included) to supply power to an ultra-bright bulb for a very bright light. The heart of any otoscope is in its lens. Like all the finer quality otoscopes ours uses an optical quality GLASS lens that is specially-coated to help resist scratches and offers the exact focal length to accommodate the longer veterinary otoscope specs. Our lens magnifying and is hinged and swings aside for cleaning and easy access. The otoscope head attaches to the handle with an advanced design. This is the way all higher quality otoscopes lock the head in place. You will be impressed with the clarity and definition this otoscope will deliver on visualizing the tympanic membrane. You will not be disappointed on the look, feel, and function of this otoscope.


  • Professional Physicians Otoscope Diagnostic Kit
  • Optical Quality Glass magnifying lens with scratch resistant coating.
  • Human and Small Animal length polypropylene ear specula.
  • Stainless Steel Medium handle With excellent polish finish
  • Cell Powered batteries (not included)
  • Otoscope head with removable magnifying lens
  • Otoscope Chamber
  • Reusable ear Tips: Size 2.5mm, 3.5mm
  • Nasal speculum adaptor with manual screw opening for instrument connected to the Otoscope head
  • Metal Tongue Depressor
  • Illuminated Tongue Holder
  • Laryngeal Mirror No. 1
  • Laryngeal Mirror No. 2
  • Laryngeal Mirror No. 3
  • Cool, obstruction-free light transmission
  • Wide angle magnifying lens
  • Comes complete with pediatric and adult disposable specula.
  • If you want a very clear look at the eardrum and pathology this is the otoscope model you want to invest in.
  • The larger lens combined with the thicker shorter handle make this model very ergonomic and easy to handle and use
  • Tongue Holder for wooden Blades
  • Variable light intensity rheostat type switch that delivers an increasing light intensity through the otoscope
  • Impressive and remarkable functionality
  • Well designed and manufactured otoscope.

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