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Defender 40" Stainless Steel Blade Claymore Styled Chinese Sword

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The claymore sword is one of the most recognized swords in history. Claymore is a term derived from the Gaelic claidheamohmor, meaning "great sword." The blade of sword is made up of high-quality stainless steel, therefore, enough in most of the cases to be used for cutting purposes efficiently (but not always recommended). The usage of stainless steel instead of other materials like iron etc. has a distinctive role in the weight of the Sword to make it lighter and easy to handle or hold on a hanger. Since the appearance and looks of the sword are worth appealing to the masses, its value has never got affected for these very reasons. When this elegant marvel of design is compared with its price, it has an uttermost demanding value in the market. The cheap price, unique design and multiple color availability of the Sword have made it dominant on its competitive products in the market. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our Claymore sword. Claymore Sword is expertly hand-crafted and authentic replicas! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.


  • Claymore Style Chinese Sword
  • Crafted Using Premium Quality Stainless Steel
  • Complete Length: 40"
  • Blade Length: 26"
  • Handle Length: 14"
  • Red & Black Blade
  • Black Handle With Scabbard
  • Delightfully Crafted Tusba
  • Features Superior Durability
  • Offers Spectacular Detailing
  • Made for Optimal Performance
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Created by our elite team of sculpting designers, these weapons are all about showcasing the most innovative designs in the industry.

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