Learn About Drop Shipping

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is fulfillment process used by sellers to fulfill their orders. It is a process that has the original supplier ship a sold product to the end customer.  Alleviating responsibility from the seller.

Is drop shipping only for eCommerce?

No, drop shipping is used both in eCommerce and big box retail. If you are a retailer, and your customer is looking for a product that is out of stock. You can offer to ship them a product direct from your supplier via drop ship.

Should my entire store use drop shipping?

Drop shipping can be used to run your entire business or help with supplementing items. Its recommended that you choose the most cost-effective way, considering fulfillment time is the same. But in many scenarios your supplier might be limited on supplies or popular items tend to go out of stock. In these cases, stocking popular items and drop shipping the less popular is viable.

Benefits of drop shipping?

-Do not have to worry about stocking.

-Do not have to pay up front for inventory.

-In most cases the end turn-out is the same.

-Enables you to provide more variety in products.

Disadvantage of drop shipping?

-Order processing times can be out of your control.

-Suppliers might run out of popular items quickly.

Drop shipping is a popular fulfillment method that can help benefit your business via supplementing or adding variety. Without the upfront cost. If you would like to start drop shipping with us. Please contact us to create an account. 


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Date 4/29/2022

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